The Key of One

— Topics and Features
  • Comprehending chords, scales and modes.
  • Easy patterns to get you playing in every key right away.
  • Learning simple formulas for how music is made.
  • Basics of understanding music.
  • Understanding the role of time in music.
  • Learning how to improvise and jam on the keyboards

Robbie Gennet

— The Author

Robbie Gennet is a multi-instrumentalist musician, songwriter, educator and journalist living in Los Angeles, CA. He's recorded and toured both solo and with his own bands (Rudy, Rabbithead) and played as a sideman with acts as diverse as Nick Lachey, Everclear and 7Mary3.

An award-winning piano player, Robbie has released numerous instructional books and DVD's and has been writing for major music magazines including Musician, Gig, Guitar Player and Keyboard Magazine, at which he is a contributing editor and a long time columnist. Robbie can be found online at as well as on iTunes and stages worldwide.

News & Updates

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Why can’t you play music?

March 5th, 2011   //   11,818 Comments »

I just posted a piece on the Huffington Post to discuss why it’s been so difficult for people to learn via traditional methods and how The Key of One can help anyone learn the basics of music. Check it out and pass it on!

Welcome! The Key of One is officially available!

February 17th, 2011   //   14,097 Comments »

Greetings and thanks for seeking out The Key of One, a notation-free approach to learning music that will unlock the music- and musician- within you. Learning music should be fun and easy and by taking away the sheet music, you can focus on the simple formulas that give us our basic scales and gain a foundation for learning anything you want to play. Pick up a copy for yourself and get started playing music!